As of June 11th, the Brooke Whitted Center (BWC) has officially closed. If you would like to learn more about the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School (O-School) and its therapeutic programs, please click here.

Achieving Goals with the Help of Professionals Who Care


When it comes to your college-bound young adult, we respect your influence and your feelings. You’ve been connected and committed to the progress achieved so far, and we want to keep you involved. At the BWC, we value your insight and knowledge. Our goal is to facilitate your child’s emerging adulthood without losing the family connection and identity.

In addition to bi-weekly family therapy sessions, you’ll stay connected with your student’s therapist and primary transitional counselor who work together to create a schedule of updates to keep you informed on a regular basis, either in person or via Skype and Facetime.


We understand your commitment to your students and their families. The BWC’s administrative and program staff are skilled at including educational consultants in treatment and academic decisions.

Like the O-School, each BWC candidate is evaluated objectively. From admissions to graduation, we collaborate closely with special education professionals and consultants to ensure an individualized and clinically sophisticated approach.

“The professionals at BWC don’t give up. Their commitment to the process is stellar. I have tremendous confidence in them.”
–Educational Consultant